Monday, January 7, 2008

Flash: TIme Flies page 43

Tip 15: Use seams and pattern to create depth without shadow

It's too late at night right now for me to write much, so I will just connect this tip with this page and leave you, cherished reader, to see if you think this page (and really, the whole of the Flash book) is an example of the use of this tip.


j_ay said...

Indeed. It’s something Seth has done consistently and pretty constantly throughout his comic book work.
The gentle difference in line-weight providing the reader with the grandness and scope of the drawing.
Incredible stuff!

Geoffo said...

I've just received the "Perspective! for comic book artists" by David Chelsea and yes, you can see the influence it had on some Seth. Can't wait to apply it!

Thank you and happy new year, by the way.

Vicki said...

Thank you Geoffo. Happy new year to you also.
I want to get that book too. Seth really liked it, but I have never seen it. My picture is that it is practical rather than theoretical, which is nice.