Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Doom Patrol #13 page 20

Tip 8: Use perspective to focus your drawings

Interesting idea.
I think that what he is saying is that skillful use of perspective can draw the reader's eye to the place the artist wants him to see first.

In this page, Seth drew the top panel from a below-the-floor point of view. This makes all the lines of the wood paneling point toward the discussion which is the important element in this panel. In the bottom panel, the shock of Ted Bruder (in the head-to-toe bandages) is the focal point. To focus our attention on his horror at the predicament they are all in, he is placed at the very front of the scene, looking out at us (Tip 22: Drawing the reader into the page by focusing on him). The other characters are there, legible and vital, but it is his anguish and cynicism that tell this part of the story.

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