Thursday, January 30, 2014

Flowering Nose Day 2014

On Falling

A couple of small delights from Seth's oeuvre.
The above page from Happydale is interesting and maybe a bit foreboding, because the person they are talking about in the top panel is a picture of Seth himself, falling (on rollerblades) down the library steps. When Seth was in college he was an expert skater.   I have a photo of him on skates with a LOT of air underneath him. He used to jump over cars and the like.  He always wore knee and elbow pads, and since he didn't like to be hurt, he was always careful, no matter how high he jumped.   But he did do a lot of jumping, and maybe he learned to fall, and did like it.  Falling may have represented freedom to him.

And speaking of falling, below is page 9 from Seth's only Spiderman story.  In the story some knuckleheads are playing at being like Spiderman; they seem to be looking for the stupidest possible way to die.  This page shows one of them, whose safety rope has broken, being rescued in mid-fall by Spiderman himself.  The subject matter notwithstanding, it's an incredibly beautiful page, with the action at the top of the building at the top of the page, the middle at the middle of the page, and what is happening below at the bottom of the page.

On this Flowering Nose Day, let us use our energies to fall in love with each other and with all that is good, to encourage each other, and to do kindness with reckless abandon.  


j_ay said...

A belated Flowering Nose Day!
(job stuff is crazy at the moment)

That Spider-man page is one of my favourites...

Vicki said...

That page is one of my favorites too. Just stunning.