Monday, July 22, 2013

Seth's birthday

I was looking through a box of Seth's work the other day, and found some items I had forgotten about.  So I thought that for his birthday it might be nice to post a couple of images that are "new".  So below are a couple of pictures I scanned in from the work that has never been seen publicly.
This was no doubt done in the 90's when he was first living in Japan

experimenting with paint
The upper, black and white drawing was probably meant as part of his work in Japan for his English classes, though I think he never actually put it to use.
I am guessing that the bottom one was when he was trying his hand at watercolors, or maybe gouache.  He was always interested in gaining some proficiency at color, but color is a long road, and Seth generally had other things on his mind that took precedence.

The last image is not new, but always welcome.  Happy Seth's birthday.


j_ay said...

(raising some orange juice and a banana in the air)
Happy Birthday Seth!

Great to see some new images, Vicki!

Vicki said...

Yeah, we had a lot of bananas at our house too.
I'll post some more of the previously unpublished images when I have some time. Some of them are unpublished because they were not finished, not polished. But most of them have that certain Sethyness anyway.