Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flowering Nose sketchcards 2013

Once more the indefatigable J_ay has solicited Flowering Nose sketchcards from artists all over the world wide web.  He sent us these for Flowering Nose day, Jan 30, though I only received them when I returned from Japan yesterday.

This is a particularly nice group of cards, I think.  One was done by a burgeoning artist; we look forward to seeing her art in another 10 years.  The upper right one is a collage of colored paper.

Many thanks to J_ay for your faithfulness to Seth's memory.  And thanks also to the artists who have contributed to the growing collection of sketchcards.  Surely these are also part of Seth's oeuvre--work inspired by him.  

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j_ay said...

Glad they arrived safely!