Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Floweringnose day 2013

This year on the anniversary of Seth's death, I am in Japan, visiting Hisako and Tofu.

We are going to spend the day in Oosu, the area of Nagoya where Seth and Hisako lived in their marriage.  Oosu has an arcaded shopping area with lots of small shops, with many different kinds of goods: small snack shops, tea shops, toy shops, electronic shops, vintage clothing, South American handmade goods, kimono fabrics, all kinds of things.  A fun place.  Seth's youngest brother Eli will be with us, to make it more fun.  Eli is spontaneous, sensible in the important things, imaginative, a good listener, a loyal friend.  He has many of the qualities that we loved in Seth.

I also found this photo (and 50 other similar ones), which was new to me.  i guess Seth knew someone who worked for an advertising company that needed a foreign man for some advertising campaign.  I have no idea of this photo was ever used.  Arre Japanese buyers really attracted to goods by seeing them used by hairy-chested foreigners?


j_ay said...

Happy Flowering Nose Day to all!

Great to see a new photo of Seth.

Gareth said...

That's hilarious! It seems typical of Seth to have been involved in something like that.

Oh - and Happy FN Day (though I'm a day late).

Vicki said...

You are not actually late Gareth. It is the 30th of January, which happens earlier in Japan than it does in the US. Europe is somewhere in the middle.
Besides, every day that you do creative and loving things can be Flowering Nose day.