Monday, January 30, 2012

Floweringnose Day 2012

It's Floweringnose (or Flowering Nose) Day! 
Do art!

Encourage an artist!
Do something you've always wanted to do!
Find strange creatures!

Draw strange creatures!

Remember Seth.
Seth's youngest brother Eli has a blog on which he wrote a remembrance and tribute to Seth.  I am quoting here the last paragraph of it because he hit it so right.  Here it is:

Monday marks the sixth anniversary of Seth's passing. It seems like it was both a life time ago and only yesterday that I was an unpleasant teenager in desperate need of Seth's particular brand of quizzical and considerate wisdom. That in the years that have since passed I have not been with out my eldest brother, but rather I have been imbibed with his positivity. I have learned from Seth, and am reminded by his passing, that we cannot know what is to come, but this is not reason to resist it. Rather it is more than enough reason to be excited by our ignorance. It is by acknowledging ignorance that allows education to take place. The map can only get bigger if you are willing to go beyond the charted territory.
My family commemorates January 30th as Flowering Nose Day in loving memory of Seth and we invite all those who wish to embrace this day to please do so. Celebrating Flowering Nose Day can mean any number of things. I urge you to use your imagination. The more ways a thing can be done, the more ways it should be done. Celebrate diversity and seek it out. Celebrate enthusiasm and reveal in it. Celebrate kindness and embrace it. Celebrate fear and overcome it. Celebrate life and, for everybody's sake, live it.


j_ay said...

Happy Flowering Nose Day to all!

Vicki said...

Jay, I knew you'd be the first. Have a happy Flowering Nose day yourself.