Monday, November 30, 2009

Flash: Time flies page 20

I think this is quite an amusing page. First, in the top frame, the Flash encounters a tunnel that looks sort of like an Art Nouveau take on a phonograph megaphone.

(Probably no one younger than I am will know what I am talking about, but this is the image I am thinking about: Nipper the RCA mascot, listening to His Master's Voice.)

Anyway, inside the tunnel is that trail of machine parts, all suspended in mid-air because both he and Steve Kriozere, who left them there, are going so fast that the parts have not had time to begin to fall to the ground yet.

Then in the second frame, he enters into the tunnel gathering up all the parts at superspeed, worrying as he goes that he is walking into a trap. We see freeze-frames of him at several different nano-second intervals, with extra arms to show how fast his arms are flying in order to gather up all the parts while they are still at arm level.

In the lowest row of images, his face alternates with a holographic projection of the face of the person who is giving him information about what is happening.

This page is all about Time. Of course Time is the major mover and shaker in the story, but this page in particular shows its variety: speeded up in the higher panels where many things happen in the space of less than a second, more or less regular in the third panel, and slowed way down at the bottom, where we are shown several views of a conversation that has no real relevance to the story. Comic relief adds a slower pace for just a bit.

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