Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flash: Time Flies page 19

On this page, the monstrous Anton Musenda (monstrous in both heart and body) explains the physics behind the story, why he is a giant spider, why Steve Kriozere can't stop running, and what he wants Steve to believe about his motivations.

A couple of things are notable about this page. In the first panel, Anton holds up with his spider's foot a limp warty and somewhat misshapen body with a kind of screw in the neck for his head to fit on. This is the best body that this scientifically advanced society could create for him, though it would seem to me to be preferable to the giant spider's body that he presently inhabits. Seth pictured the man's soul as so warped that he would rather live as a repulsive, but powerful, giant spider than as a human being with an imperfect body.

The second notable thing about this page is the very elegant structure in the cener panel, which reminds me a lot of the lower level of the tusk house in the J'Nanin level of Myst 3 Exile, which Seth designed a few years earlier.
See if you don't agree.

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