Monday, November 2, 2009

Flash: Time Flies page 17

In this page, the Flash is searching for Steve Kriozere, the test pilot whose last flight gave him the ability--or the curse--of being able to go at superspeed and never slow down. What the Flash has found are some machines all taken apart and their pieces still hanging in the air.
Seth has drawn the intricate pieces of some unknown--but at least to me completely believable--machines floating in an orderly way in the air before he reassembles them again. (He is not only superfast, he also has a supermemory. At our house, when we take apart machines, most often we have a piece or two left over.)
This page, like the last one I showed, is made up of four even panels, the last one slightly larger than the others. The artist's job here is to slow down time, so that the readers can see action that we are told happens in the blink of an eye. To that end, we see the Flash the same size and in the same position in all three pictures, sort of like a flip book, or the cels from an animated story. The top two panels each show several of those cels one on top of the other. In the third one he has finished his activity.
Then at the bottom, when we step back from his action, we see to our amusement, that the machine he was fiddling with was part of some sort of hospital device, which is in use all the while.

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