Monday, October 26, 2009

Flash: Time Flies page 15

As the test pilot Steve Kriozere nears the era in which our story takes place, he is spoken to by a siren voice that he can't resist. Seth pictures him running and running, through an ornate funnel into a vapor of fluffy clouds surrounding what turns out to be a holographic projection of the face of Anton Musenda, the villain.

This unearthly scene is pictured in four equal size panels, with varying amounts of clouds. His helmet-hidden face, the clouds, the various views of him running all give the page the feel of a dream. Where is he going? What is he going to do there? What does it all mean? Questions we ask of dreams...


j_ay said...

Dreamy page.

New Joe Hill interview and on the first question he mentions our favourite artist.

Vicki said...

Thanks Jay.
Without the help that you and other of Seth's fans give me, I would never know when new things surface that have to do with Seth.