Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doris and Fruit 2

This is the house next door to Mr Fruit's house. I love this drawing. Seth loved it too; he always wanted to do something more with it.

Here is the first part of the story line that he sent to DC.

The story is about a duo: Doris and Fruit.
Fruit is a guy that is made totally out of fruit and vegetables and Doris is a young woman who lives in a house full of all kinds of animals...well actually the house is MADE of animals (please see pictures).
Have you seen the Monkey Vs Robot book by James Kochalka? It is awesome, and it
really starts to bridge the gap between bookstore comics and comic store
comics. The pages will all be square. The pages would be broken down into into either 1, 2 or 4
panel pages with the panels always divided equally on the page. Very
simple, very accessible. (again, see Monkey vs Robot).

This story is 30 Pages. (I am assuming pages 1-2, 3-4, 5-6...are facing
Page 1:
Fruitman stands, back facing us, doing his dishes in the kitchen. In
front of
his is a window looking out on his garden.

Page 2:
Shot from outside looked back at the window with Fruitman staring out
with a
puzzled look on his face.

A rabbit is sitting in the garden munching on some trampled vegetables.
Next to him are some HUGE foot prints.
Page 3:
We see the rabbit again, this time standing next to a huge rhino
standing in the middle of the garden. The garden is ruined.
Page 4:
Reaction shot of fruitman. He is shocked.

Fruitman grabs a broom.

He runs out at the rhino.

He hits the totally unfazed rhino with the stick.
Page 5:
He tries pushing the rhino.

He tries pulling the rhino. The animal won't budge.

His eyes get big as he looks at the rest of his yard.

He looks across and sees that path of destruction goes through his fence
and tool shed too. His eyes bug out.
Page 6:
He follows the trail of destruction and sees that it leads all the way
down the street through the neighborhood. The trail is pretty easy to

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