Monday, June 1, 2009

Doris and Fruit 1

I posted these two images quite a long time ago, but Seth's sister Willa just sent me the originals, which I photographed and am putting up here.
When we received them we spent quite a bit of time going over all the fruits that compose the body of who Seth called alternately Fruitman, and Mr Fruit. Actually the lower one Seth titled "Bowling with Fruity Bob". (There are some bowling pins lightly penciled in behind his feet, which you may be able to see if you look carefully.) There are a few differences between the two Mr Fruits, which probably means that some time went by between the two drawings.
There is a story that goes with these pictures, called "Doris and Fruit", which involves also the one I will post tomorrow (also sent by Willa). Seth wrote up the story proposal and sent it to DC Comics, about Mr Fruit living next door to the house I will show you tomorrow. I don't have DC's letter, but I presume their answer was, "Not right now, but keep thinking". Seth loved odd juxtapositions. He was continually dreaming up stories based on things being connected that are not usually connected: "What would happen if..." sort of stories.

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j_ay said...

I love the asparagus fingers!