Thursday, May 14, 2009

Memorable fight scenes: Zendra cover

I know, I posted this image before, here. The letters from Seth to his editors that are in that post are pretty interesting and charming, but beside the point here.

This scene, like the ones I posted yesterday, are not memorable so much for the amount of hurt that is being received, as for the elegance of the design. Comic book readers will know the names of these characters--I don't--but the lizard woman (Is that Zendra?) has flipped upside down, her long tail waving sinuously above, to stave off the attack of the robot. He/It is ripping apart the wall of what must be some sort of postmodern fortress, because the wall seems to be filled with cables and electric doodads. In a building whose structure is mainly parallel lines, the overall impression on the viewer is curves: especially the curve of the broken wall and the curve of the handful of cables. Those curves form a circle around the center of the action, with Lizard Woman's head at the hub of the circle. So in a picture fairly confusingly filled with detritus and other details, the main action is circumscribed neatly by a frame of cables which has meaning in the action as well. Amazing.

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