Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Memorable fight scenes: Vertigo Pop Tokyo

First of all let me apologize that these images are not very high resolution. I cropped them from images that were not that big in the originals.

Yesterday's topic made me think of other scenes from Seth's work that, while not meeting the criterion of causing great bodily harm, are nevertheless great fight scenes. These two frames from Vertigo Pop Tokyo are, I think, two of the best ever.

The upper one, from issue 2, page 16, is a group of Japanese high school girls at their PE class. The girls have ganged up on Maki's good friend Mizumi, who you can see rolled up in the mat, with her fuzzy ponytails sticking out. Their meanness has enraged Maki, who dives into the gang of girls, fists flying, to wreak vengeance on whoever has caused pain to her friend. In Seth's hands there are arms and legs poking out from all directions, everything shooting outward with centrifugal force from the center. It's a great image.

The lower frame is from issue 1 page 24. I know I have posted this picture before, and talked about the structure of it at some length, but I think it is probably one of the best things Seth ever did. Again it's Maki on the attack, jumping her brother the reluctant yakuza before he can do any harm to her idol Hike. It's a somewhat more complex image than the other, but like the first one it has arms, legs, and bodies flying outward from the center. All the bodies are at different angles, even that of Steve, who is merely photographing the action and not involved in the fight. Hike is falling out of the picture to the right, Maki is leaning away from us, and her brother Ryuji is falling out of the picture to the left. (Incidentally, the three characters in the fight all have pretty bizarre shoes.) Steve is leaning back, into the picture, as he videotapes the fight.

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