Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Myst 3 sketches!

I was going through boxes looking for some more notebooks of comic book work, (which I didn't find) and I found a whole notebook of sketches that Seth did for Myst 3, all carefully stored in those clear sheet protectors. So I'll post Myst 3 work for another few days.
It looks as if this sketch was pretty close to the final for the game, although the gears that Seth painstakingly drew do not appear in the color image. I don't remember if you can see them when you play the game (I played it seven or eight years ago.); maybe you can.
Tomorrow I'll post some sketches that did not make it into the finals. Seth probably saved them because he liked them and thought that maybe he would find another use for the structures and avenues he designed. And indeed it is possible that some of his Myst 3 creative ideas went through a slight metamorphosis and came out into Nimbus.

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