Thursday, April 23, 2009

Myst 3 unused sketches

This rather fabulous set of treehouses must have been one of the early permutations of the tower on J'Nanin. The final one is nothing like this, except that they are all rather ornate in that Art Nouveau style.

One thing Seth knew how to do was to brainstorm. The summer after his sophomore year in college he spent as an unpaid assistant at an advertising agency. He loved the work (and the agency got the most creative artist they had probably ever had, for nothing). He told me that what he learned there was that you couldn't have just one Great Idea; you had to have ten Great Ideas, and then they would choose from those. That lesson stayed with him. He knew how to keep pushing, to keep looking for different ideas. He also knew how to be willing to toss a great idea if it didn't work in this project.


Anonymous said...

I honestly think it's a design for Narayan... In that case it's very close to how it turned out.

Vicki said...

I'm sorry I didn't get your comment until now. Thank you very much for the link. You are no doubt right. Seth did design Narayan, and though I played the game all the way through, I don't remember that image at all.