Monday, April 27, 2009

Doom Patrol sketch issue 13 page 8

A very kind fan/friend of Seth's recently sent me a treasure trove of scans of sketches (Ooh, a lot of alliteration) that Seth had sent him of his preliminary work for Doom Patrol. (Thank you Steven!) I am posting here his sketch for issue 13 page 8, compared with the final drawing of that same page. Interestingly, most of the sketches he sent are VERY similar to the finals. Seth seems to have worked out the issues and details in his mind before he drew anything on paper. This page is an exception. Robotman's upside-down body with the brain falling out is the same, but the contents of his weird dream could hardly be more different from the prelims to the final. The floating blocks from the sketch are quite robot-like, yet dream- even nightmare-like. But then in the final page, the stuff of nightmare really comes out: squishy, oozy forms, teeth, eyeballs, horns, and bumpy skin, soft and stretchy and shapeless things. It's really much more effective, by the way, in black and white, than it came out in the comic book, where pastel colors and grey lines make the various components blend into each other more than here. But Seth has talked before about how hard it must be to color his work.

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j_ay said...

Thanks for sharing, Steven!

I *love* to see this kind of behind the curtain stuff!