Monday, April 27, 2009

a couple more Myst 3 sketches

Two sketches. The lower one is for something that definitely became part of the machinery in the game. Machinery didn't exactly come naturally for Seth, but he was pretty good at it. Most of his toys as a young child were the kind where you put things together, Legos and the like. And I have a little story. When Seth was 9 years old, I was divorced from his father and I met Bob, who I later married. On my first date with Bob, he invited both Seth and me for dinner at his condo. Seth finished dinner first, and disappeared into the bathroom. Later Bob told me that what Seth had been doing in there was taking apart Bob's shaver. He wanted to know how things worked.
So gears held no particular mystery for him. The gears in his drawing would probably in fact make an elevator go up and down, though I doubt that anyone playing the game would take the time to make sure they were right.
The other drawing is for something that I don't recognize. It must not have made the final cut, but it seems so particular that you would think I would know at least where it is supposed to be. My guess is that it is an early design for the lower room in the tusk on J'Nanin. The final one turned out quite different from this.


Anonymous said...

Being in something of an "artistic funk" as of late, I can always count on gaining some inspiration by just clicking on over to this blog. I miss Seth and I'm so happy you've been keeping his work alive.
Thank you.

j_ay said...

It's always a treat to hear Seth stories!
Great skecthes

Vicki said...

Thank you both for your comments. Seth would be happy to be a source of inspiration to other artists. He got inspiration from other artists himself, and wanted to be sure that all artists were encouraged.