Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Doom Patrol 13 page 4

With a little encouragement, I photographed all the pages from Doom Patrol, in the ongoing goal of making sure that all Seth's work has been copied and catalogued.

So this blog gets the fruit of my labor. Here is page 4 of issue 13.
Seth only did two issues of this series, an odd story that owes more to science fiction than to the superhero genre. A group of squabbling apartment mates--one of whom happens to be a man turned into a robot--with no warning, come to inhabit the bodies of a group of superheroes called the Doom Patrol. With their own personalities but someone else's bodies, they have to take on the last project that the Doom Patrol had hanging over their heads.

In this page, before all the above has occurred, Robotman has taken a walk. The first panel is viewed from a distance, but then the conversation quickly turns personal, and the rest of the page is viewed at close range. Seth managed to get real expression from a face and body that remain metal and robot. In black and white the old man's quilted jacket blends with the block wall behind him, making him seem as nearly invisible as forgotten old men may often feel in a big city.

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