Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Seed

Here are the first two pages from Seth's story, THE SEED. As I said yesterday, this was published in the August 1999 edition of Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated magazine. I assume that Seth must have done the digital coloring himself; this magazine seems to publish work by unknown artists, and so they would not have the budget to pay both the artist and a colorist and a letterer. So I think Seth did it all.

I do have the black and white originals, but I haven't
photographed them, and these colored scans were among Seth's files, so I give them to you.

From these two opening pages you may think that this story is the opposite from yesterday's image, that it is about technology swallowing up a simple, earthy society. But as it continues, it evolves.

This may be Seth's first published work. The style is definitely Seth, but he had not yet developed the heavy outlines that later became characteristic of his work. However, the costumes, the mechanical details, the inventions, even the clouds all prefigure his later work. And the lizard--in most of his stories, you will find a lizard somewhere.

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j_ay said...

Oh wow! Thanks for that, This is one of Seth's books I've yet to get my hands on, so it's a real treat to see it.