Monday, March 2, 2009


Seth used this cityscape drawing in Big in Japan, in a fight scene which took place among The Four and a cadre of monsters. (You can see it here.) He also used it in a poster which he made for an exhibition of art from video games, which you can see here.
This image with the buildings colored in the form of a tree was one that he may have had plans for, but then you know what happens with plans... When Seth was beginning his career he did a lot of drawing that had no particular use, just practice. But later the work he saved all seemed to have a goal. He played with ideas in his sketchbooks, but all the work he saved on the computer was for one project or anotherl. I don't know what all his plans were, like this drawing. But I can assume that there was a plan.

The idea here, of an urban landscape turning into a tree, recalls an idea he used in one of his earliest stories, called The Seed, published in Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated in August 1999.

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j_ay said...

It's almost like some dark, possible (probable?) future where the only trees left are trees made of buildings...