Thursday, February 26, 2009

Willworld pages 12-13

I apologize about the quality of this image. It's a photograph of the page, and the flash lit up the right side a lot more than the left. I bought these pages from Seth. When he got his Willworld originals back from DC, I think he asked me if I wanted to buy anything, and I chose the best, I think. It is a scene from the story, but really it stands alone. It may bring to mind the bar scene in the first of the Star Wars movies, the 1976 original, where Luke Skywalker goes to try and find someone with a ship to take him to find Princess Leia. In this scene, humans of various nationalities and professions drink at the bar alongside dinosaurs, semihuman creatures, wizards, Mother Goose characters, fairies, and and and... In this place nothing surprises you; it's all just part of the venue.

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