Friday, March 20, 2009

Sacrifice page 4

Oh oh! Did the Great Tree-Squid Creature get carried away, or was it the idea all along that not only the beautiful young woman, but also at least one of the shamans would be consumed?

The only clue that this all happens in the Nimbus world is the the view from the window in the top panel, of the airships floating along behind the man who is about to meet his end.

At the end, in the little scroll, there are the letters DWARI. I don't know what that stands for, but my guess is: Done With A Rapidograph Inker. (Actually the I is curious--P for Pen would be more likely, but dyslexic though he was, Seth did know his I's from his P's. Maybe he didn't want it to say DWARP. Or maybe it means something entirely different. Any ideas?)

Speaking of little scrolls at the end, I looked at the originals of the LIFT story, and Kaare's name is not written there, which means that Jay was right: Kaare did the colors on that story.
I don't know who did the colors here.


j_ay said...

The dwari signature is peculiar. Maybe Seth contractually wasn’t supposed to do that little story (contracted to someone else), so used a pseudonym? [although Seth always remained freelance, no?]
Or he wasn’t happy with the outcome so used the pseudonym to conceal himself?

Just a wild guess is that it had to mean something more to Seth than just the instrument he used…
The mystery continues...

Vicki said...

The story was published under Seth's name, so DWARI couldn't have been a pseudonym. "Done With A..." really seems to me reasonable as the first three letters; he was very interested in technique, and did use different tools along the line. Maybe he actually used something to draw this that was unique to this piece: a Reed Instrument, a Rusty Icepick, or even All Recycled Ink.