Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joe Hill: Freddy and Spidey

An alert reader/friend pointed out to me that on his blog Joe Hill posted a nice story about the origins of the Freddy Wertham comic book. Here it is.
In his blog entry Joe recounts that Seth decided to help him get started in the comic book writing field. He didn't know it, but that was the way Seth in general related to other artists. He loved to encourage artists, which included artists in all fields. He believed that all people are connected together, and so when one person does what is true and real from his soul, everything in the world is made truer and more real, and thus benefits everyone.

I have posted a few pages from the Spiderman Unlimited story that Joe wrote, and here is another. I agree with Joe's assessment, Seth's art is really gorgeous. His lines are so very clean and his setting up of the story is beautiful.
Here is an example that I haven't posted before of Seth's work from Spiderman Unlimited. The setting is fully realized--down to the lights on the toy store sign, crumbling tiles on the wall, and dog poo on the street--though not entirely real; witness the sign on the signpost that Duff Memphis hurtles into. Seth gives Joe the respect of giving his story seriously elegant drawings that show that we are not to take the story seriously.

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