Sunday, March 15, 2009

LIFT page 3

This little story seems to be explaining how things work in the world of Nimbus. The pilot in the first page is flying his plane through the airspace of Nimbus, and the person with the flags signals to him where to stop. It looks as though this is the usual way that an airplane stops at a particular spot in the realm of Nimbus. As on an aircraft carrier, the large airship puts out some kind of rope or chain that hooks onto the loops of the small plane and just brings it to a lurching halt. The anxious signaler is (vainly, one would surmise) shouting out directions to the pilot as to where to go.

My husband, Seth's stepfather, is a retired Navy officer, a ship guy, and he spent a few years on aircraft carriers. I remember Seth asking him questions about aircraft carriers and how they work. At the time I thought he was just interested in the workings of things--which he was--but though I don't remember the content of those conversations, this story may have been part of their product.

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