Monday, February 9, 2009

Vertigo Pop Tokyo 3 page 3

Maki has engineered the kidnapping of Hike (pronounced Hee-kay), the lead singer of the band, and with her brother Ryuji and Steve, the four are cruising around Tokyo with Maki in the lead. They enter a burger shop which is decorated and peopled from Seth's warehouse. The girl in front of the upper panel is wearing a hat and jacket that he designed. There are also pictures on the wall of hamburgers with eyes, and what seems to be a napkin holder with a big-eyed fish on it on the table.

Seth was quite taken with the Japanese trend towards Cuteness as a fashion statement. The idea is quite non Western; here the young and hip seem to consider sophistication and sleekness much more stylish. Seth liked to add Cute touches to his work in various places; it is not a sentimental "Aw, isn't that cuuuute?" sort of idea; it is simply fashion, and he was fascinated with it. He said in an interview with Mike Jozic that "the cuteness of a Japanese schoolgirl needed to be conveyed through the same sensibilities of 'cute' that Japanese people understand. Frankly my Japanese friends didn't think any of my Willworld characters were very cute (just weird), so I had to search for a middle ground."

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