Friday, November 7, 2008

notes from San Francisco

I am out of town for a few days, and so I am away from my computer and the images that are stored there. I'll be back on Tuesday, and hope to post something then.

I spent some time with my niece today who is an exceedingly talented art student in San Francisco. She told me once before, how in one of her classes on perspective the teacher used Seth's Happydale to show the class how to use perspective. My niece had corresponded with Seth when she was just in high school, or maybe earlier, and so when the teacher showed the Happydale page(s) to the class, she gasped--that was Seth's work! She mentioned that story to me again today.
Perspective is troublesome, but Seth seemed to get it. I think he worked pretty hard on it; it didn't necessarily come easy to him. But he did eventually get how to make it look right. He certainly never avoided it by making the background fuzzy or putting something right behind the characters so the reader can't see the background; he did it the way he did everything: he worked at it until he got it right.

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