Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drawing on the unconscious: Willworld page 90

Seth must have spent time remembering his dreams, and visualizing his subconscious thoughts. I wish I had talked with him about Willworld, and found out how he came up with the particular images he used for some of these things. There are many undersea images: squidmen, fish, watery places. Those I can see; the sea is a powerful source of dream material, and Seth was very familiar with it. He loved to dive, to spearfish, and to just spend time in the sea. But it has dangers too, which you have to respect in order to be intimate with it.

The creature here who is the whirlwind of Hal's unconscious mind has an exposed brain, samurai armor which seems to be holding his tentacled body into a human-sort of shape more than protecting his body. What lies underneath may be even more threatening.

In this page the tentacled creature--his unconscious--is preparing to consume Hal, though it's difficult for me to tell whether the bugs in his mouth are going in or coming out. Either way is frightening.

Seth has arranged this page with small simple frames at the top that are mainly just recitative: just to carry along the story. He has saved the big spaces for a large image of the creature about to overcome Hal, and at the bottom, Hal himself protecting his face from the onslaught. The small upper frames have Hal very small; he is a little larger in the middle frame, and he is largest at the bottom where he is just about to become meat. This progression of sizes goes from wondering what to do (small), being threatened (larger), and being almost consumed (largest). The bottom frame shows Hal being thrown back into our lap: we and he are one. Aghhhhh, he's on me! What would I do?

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