Sunday, September 21, 2008

Willworld page 48

In the previous page, which I didn't post, Hal has picked up a floppy disc with the captivating title, "ALL THE ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING!!". The disc has a 3-dimensional face and a large tongue coming out of the part that you insert into the computer. It is that disc--you can see its face in the top left frame--that Hal is holding in his hands when he get kicked in the back by a large, that is, normal-size foot. (Remember, at this point he is small.) That foot, we can see in the bottom frame, is connected only to another foot, the point being, I suppose, that it is its sole job (oof! I didn't mean to put in that pun) to give a swift kick in the pants to whoever needs it.

After being knocked over (I love his position in the second panel), Hal picks up a pushpin to face down whoever attacked him. He sees the hand we saw on page 44, now emblazoned with a non-smiley face drawn on a sticky note.
A few details to enjoy:
The large tongue from the disc is still sticking out in the first frame.
The sound words: FTTT! and TONNKK! definitely sound thudding and hard.
A pushpin would be a reasonable weapon for a small person to pick up who was caught in a large world: good grip and sharp point
One of those nasty heads has picked up Kelly in his mouth, and she clutches a paperclip which she has picked up in lieu of her purse
Glance is sitting on a bottlecap which has landed on Mu Fon's beret
There is a Rapidograph pen (Seth's weapon of choice at that time--later he changed to the throwaway ones because the points on them are more flexible) at the very bottom of the page

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