Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Willworld page 38

Another funny page. Kat'aa Peelar is pictured as a hugely obese voluptuary after the manner of Jabba the Hut, but human. Even though the grotesque human details are the stars of this page, Seth has not neglected the architecture, which is seen in loving perspective. The inside of Kat'aa Peelar's palace is curving and wildly ornate, like a building by Gaudi. On the right of the page we see the wall behind Mu Fon and Kelly (which is clearer in this b/w drawing than it is in the book, where it is dark and on the fold of the page) with its columns with the animal cornices, and the upper part of the wall which has arched windows and sconces with plants.
Then there are the beetles. All over the walls are large beetles of all varieties: the rhinoceros beetle beloved to the Japanese (top left), and a host of others, just walking about, not participating in the story, but adding to the ambience. One particularly interesting one is walking on Kat'aa Peelar's leg.
KP himself is a tour de force, with his huge fat arms and pendulous breasts, the bananas around his waist echoed by the teeth on a necklace about his neck. And his hat--or crown--vaguely shaped like a pineapple, a mouth like an extreme Yasser Arafat, and ears like a great Buddha.
In the foreground there are various plants and foodstuffs, the elephant with the ornate hat and the balls on the ends of his tusks, thinking about a peanut. There is also what appears to be a hookah. I also love the fact that Kelly is still clutching her purse.

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