Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Willworld page 32

This is a funny page. Seth put his own brand of humor into Willworld in a lot of small places, and some big ones. This whole page is just humor. The gorilla bodyguard with the bad Italian accent wears glasses that are like the ones you wear in the optimistrist's office when he puts different letters vertically and horizontally in front of your eyes and asks you to tell him which is clearer. Except of course, the gorilla's glasses are not attached to all that machinery. Seth would have loved to have some glasses like that himself; he probably looked for them.
This gorilla is holding in both hands some poor sap in shorts with bandaids on his knee, who must be getting bounced from the establishment. (He looks harmless enough to me...) In the front of that same (upper left) panel, we see up close at the bottom an animal with glasses, and behind him is a flower-shaped thing with flowers coming from it, each of which has a head in its middle. If we missed it before, this place has the ambience of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland.
The singing and dancing grasshopper has a face that couldn't look more like a grasshopper/human combination. Seth has given him two sets of arms, one large and one small, and long legs, to make six limbs of course, since he is an insect. But he also has antennae, two sets. In the lower right panel two of his arms grasp two of Kelly's six arms, while she makes other gestures with the other four. Beautiful! In the background of that panel there is a
large soft-looking dinosaur-type creature and a lamp that would also fit in Wonderland.

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