Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Willworld page 27

This amazing page shows Hal flying a triplane that he picked up a couple of pages earlier, but which is coming to the surface of the bubble that he is in. The plane breaks up when it reaches what appears to be a sort of membrane that keeps him separated from other of the warriors wearing the same garb as he. (I don't know the Green Lantern other than this book, so I am unfamiliar with the terminology for who all these people are. Jedi Knights of some sort, it seems.) The transparent stretchiness of the membrane, the mechanical breakup of the airplane, and the sound effect words all come together in these images in striking contrast to give great drama to what is, of course, a very dramatic situation.
We have talked about Seth's sound words in other pages. This page gives another example of words that really bring to mind the sounds he is trying for. "Drroingg!" gives a good feel for what it would sound like when a spinning object (propeller) bounces off a soft and springy wall. And "Wokka wokka" sounds to me exactly like a propeller going slower, until something breaks off with a "Poinkt!"


j_ay said...

I too don’t know anything (or close to anything) beyond this book about GL. [there’s a whoel “corps” of them]
There’s often a funny psychology to comics: one is either Marvel person or a DC person. There is some cross-over, but not too much.
DC has all the super, super outerspacey people and Marvel has the powerful but flawed characters.
Me, I’m heavily flawed ;)

Vicki said...

But powerful, Jay.

In the light of the Marvel-DC dichotomy, Seth once said in an interview that he wanted to be the person to bring the two together, maybe something like "Batman and Spiderman save the world"... I'll find that interview and post the relevant sentence some time.