Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Willworld page 22

This page has a LOT of text on it. The artist has to allow space for the text without
just leaving big nonsensical white areas. So he has to create some spaces that have drawing in them, but drawing that is not essential. He should know more or less where the text is going to go, though of course someone else actually puts it in.
This page takes place in the same hotel room as the page I posted yesterday; you can see the curtains and a little of the bed around the edges. The big thing to look at here is the machinery in the middle. That is the view through the window when the curtains are thrown open. On this website, under the heading "Artworks" at the bottom of that page there is an image with the caption "See the process". The process he shows is the creation of--not this page--a page with this machinery, or this sort of machinery.
The other interesting thing in this page to me is the angel Glance. She is wearing cutoff jeans and platform shoes, and her wings are thin, though very birdlike. She is bald, like Seth himself, though she has a row of bumps down the middle of her head like small stegosaurus protrusions. The description makes her sound pretty wierd, but looking at her you have to say she is very cute, charming even. Much more so than Disney's famous Tinkerbell, in my opinion, because she is not self-conscious or coy.

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