Friday, August 22, 2008

Nimbus and Dinotopia

One time Seth gave me as a gift the book Dinotopia, by James Gurney. He knew I love that kind of beautiful illustrations, and he loved them too. What impressed him the most though, was the fact that Mr. Gurney had created an entire world, with all the details that went with it. When Seth was living in San Diego, probably in 2000, he and I went to see James Gurney at a bookstore, and we talked about his work.

I opened Dinotopia the other day, thinking my grandson (Seth's son Tofu, who is four) might enjoy it, and found the illustration on the left. I was struck by the similarity of the mountain with the buildings carved into it with Seth's drawing on the right for Nimbus. I suspect that Seth did not borrow the image--actually he hated borrowing other artists' work--but he may have absorbed and forgotten it, and later it came up into his mind as a new thing.


j_ay said...

There's a lot more of Nimbus than I thought there would be when you mentioned it.
Something to think about, Vicki:
Printing up a book of these works at some time in the future? Like the Batman sketchbook this should certainly have an audience.
These drawings are way too good to be just sitting in cyber-space.
I for one need a book!

Just a thought.

Vicki said...

Jay, there IS a small Nimbus book. Seth did it to send out to publishers or film studios that might be interested in the project. But maybe you were thinking of a larger book, with all the drawings, including storyboard drawings as well?
I thought of that too, but I was also thinking that it would be really nice if some studio DID pick it up to do as a project. Maybe not having Seth himself at the helm would be a real deficiency, but that was what he wanted. ANyway, for that reason I have been loathe to publicize these drawings by themselves too much.

j_ay said...

ah, ok. I didn't know there was any kind of book, but yes, in general I was thinking about something new too!
My eyes are always peeled for any little Seth goodies that I don't have and if one of the lucky owners of original art has to (unfortunately, for them) sell a page or if the Nimbus book surfaces hopefully I'll nab it.