Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nimbus storyboard drawings

When I first found these drawings I didn't think they were Seth's. They are so different from his usual style. But then I remembered some acrylic pens that he gave me a few years ago, in shades of grey. He gave them away when he decided he wasn't going to do that sort of work any more. Besides there is something in the faces of the characters that looks like Seth. I realized that these are some of the storyboard drawings he did when he was trying to sell this story to movie or TV studios. I guess they needed something a little more like photos than comic book readers do.
These drawing were a revelation to me; I didn't know that Seth could do this sort of casual, shaded drawings, full of action. The action is full of movement, natural and a little exaggerated, as befits a fantasy story of this nature.

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j_ay said...

Wow! These are fantastic! So different.
There is *so* much to these Nimbus drawings!