Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seth R. I. P.

This weekend we finally put Seth's bones to rest.
It seems as though it took a long time to get a quorum of Seth's family members together in one place, but June 28 we all drove up to a monastery north of Los Angeles called St. Andrew's Abbey, and there buried his remains. A portion of them will remain in Japan, but this is the American site. The abbey is a lovely, quiet, high desert place, where peace and acceptance are the norm. All are welcome there.


Anonymous said...

It does look peaceful - a lovely resting place.

j_ay said...

(lifting orange juice, contemplating a banana for later)
Rest, dear Seth...you’ll always be with us.

Vicki said...

Jay--a fitting salute.
To paraphrase food writer MFK Fisher (no relation), "Comfort me with bananas".

Anonymous said...

Descanse en paz.

Un gran beso.