Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 4 page 20 (reprise)

I posted this before, but I want to put Seth's comments with it. He said,
"This is my prize page in the book. Really makes the ending come over the top. It's like we got plot twist, plot twist, plot twist, bam bam bam at the end...really good ending, I think...maybe my best yet."
In the inset at bottom left, beside the arrow that is coming out from the earth launching the Beast into the Great Beyond ("SPRONG"), Reed is saying, "It's just as I thought. The moloids were a virus, engineered by an ancient race to fell the apocalypse beast,"
while in the next inset Ben Grimm says, "You're telling me you expected that?"
The Beast, now inside out, heads out into space, looking horrified at what awaits him, as asteroids like odd pieces of swiss cheese float around him.
The images of the Beast turning inside out, and finally the arms and lotus position legs being swallowed up by the expanded, scraggle-toothed mouth, turn whatever tension was built up by the story into comedy. This Beast is no longer the Great Threat to the world; he has been helplessly eaten up by his own insides. As a kind of visual aside, we see at top right, Iron Man and Sue, who were still rummaging around inside the Beast, safely flung out into the world.


j_ay said...

It’s nice (and interesting) to see page Seth was really happy with.

Vicki, for the Coronado Library exhibit, the photo you have, I can make out Seth’s sketchbooks, FF/Iron Man, pencils, pens, sharpener, Perspective book…but what is the photo, it looks like bookshelves on the wall. Was this Seth’s working space?

Have a good & peaceful weekend

Vicki said...

Yes, that was Seth's working space. The library folks wanted the exhibition to say something about not only the artwork, but about process of drawing comic books. So that photo of his workspace seemed appropriate.