Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happydale #1 cover

This is the wraparound cover for Happydale, part one. It is sort of an introduction to the people of Happydale, each of them doing whatever they do. They seem to be looking at something
behind us, and up in the air somewhere. Whatever it is, it is strange, and they don't like it. Seth himself is in the middle of this page, looking the most horrified of anyone.
This series was inked on regular Strathmore 3-ply artboard, not on official DC paper. Seth researched the format and on his own made his work fit. Maybe that is not so unusual, except that I suspect not many DC comics are done that way. The paper size is a little bigger than the usual, because he gave himself bigger margins. Also the word balloons are pasted on with rubber cement, and many of them are coming off. That way of putting in the lettering changed on Seth's watch. Batman was the first of his comic books to come back to him with no lettering on the pages: it was all done digitally. That must have been about 2003 or so. Before that they pasted the words in laboriously by hand.

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