Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth

For Seth's birthday (his 36th if anyone is counting) I am posting here a photo of him when he was about 14, in mime make-up for Odyssey of the Mind, a creative competition that he participated in every year for the seven years of junior high and high school. Odyssey of the Mind--or OM for short--taught him that being creative was not just sitting back and letting things happen. It meant working together as a team, putting full-focused energy into brainstorming solutions for difficult problems, and then working them out over and over again until you not only had an interesting and witty solution for the probem, but you could present it in a new and eye-opening way, together with your teammates. He learned the lessons of OM, and did exactly what its founders had in mind: he used them in his work and in his life.

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j_ay said...

Funny photo! Thanks so much for sharing these little intimate stories.
I hope the party was a good time for all, I'm sure that's what Seth would have wanted.