Monday, July 21, 2008

Happydale #1 page 24

This amazing page shows a couple of scenes from everyday life in Happydale. Sadie is taking a walk around town, and she passes these Happydalians doing what they do. The top image shows someone roller blading down the library steps, careening wildly and sure to land in a heap at the bottom. That person is Seth himself, wearing knee and elbow guards, as he always did. Dino (in the dinosaur suit) is watching and saying, "He's always falling. He likes to fall, I think." Stretch agrees.
One of the things that Seth taught me is that the action that the reader is supposed to be watching does not have to take place in the foreground of the picture. There can be other things larger and pictorially more prominent, which gives the scene more of a sense of place. The statue with someone resting beside it surrounded by birds (even a dodo), all these details in the foreground give us a flavor of life in Happydale.
In the bottom panel, Sadie passes a group of people doing an aerobics class. The teacher looks like the type of fit young woman who usually teaches aerobics. The students are much more eccentric. I won't take away the pleasure of discovery by describing them, but they all seem to be doing their best to keep up. Our view of this scene is the omniscient sort of bird's eye view. That view point shows everyone as equal in importance, and so Sadie--though she feels like an outsider--takes her place in the community in this panel.

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There's always *so* much to look at with a Seth page.

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