Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 4 last page

Seth's e-mail to his editors says, "So at the end Cory yells, 'Cut, that's a wrap!'
"I hope I got in the ballpark with your guys faces. Make sure Chris colors your hair the right color. Mine is easy.
"Peace. Seth"
On the last page the inside-out apocalypse beast speeds out into the universe, and the pore cannon spits the germinal moloid out into space to wait for another organism somewhere to come by to inhabit. (I guess that is what is happening.) Anyway, Noah the baby moloid, or moloid egg, or something, looks happy.
But the story ending is pretty much beside the point. The monsters were the story, and they have done their song and dance. The interest in this page is entirely the image in the lower half, of the editor Cory Sedlmeier, Seth, Zeb Wells the writer, and Chris Chuckry the colorist, along with the fictional stars of the story and a squad of moloids in celebration mode.
Seth never felt that he was very good at portraits, though he could draw someone who was instantly recognizable. His self-portraits are always spot on, and the times that he included members of his family in his books, they are easy to catch.
This picture is particularly poignant coming at the end of this book, where it serves as his public epitaph.


j_ay said...

I love this page. It’s like all the characters were just putting on a show (the 4 issue story) for us and now its Curtain Call time.
The pose Seth put himself in makes me smile…

Vicki said...

yeah, me too.