Saturday, July 12, 2008

Artist, age 17

Seth would be horrified that I am posting this for the world to see, but it shows that he saw himself as an artist even in high school. I am not sure what he did with this page (standard notebook size paper), or what he planned to do. He was never shy about selling himself, so it is possible that he actually sent it out to potential contacts.
There was someone the summer after he graduated from high school who asked him to design a logo for a new shoe, I think, or maybe some other article of clothing. The name had something to do with "gnu", but I don't recall what it was. He did three designs, all of them quite witty and interesting as I remember, and sent them off, but never heard back at all. That small setback did not bother him at all. He knew that he could continue to improve, and that he WOULD be a comic book artist.


j_ay said...

That’s wonderful, thanks so much for sharing that.

Also, good news! A release date for the collected Vertigo Pop Tokyo!:

Vertigo Pop: Tokyo Days, Bangkok Nights by Jonathan Vankin, Seth Fisher, and Giuseppe Camuncoli
(Paperback - Jan 6, 2009)

Vicki said...

Jay you are so on top of these things. I knew it was coming out, but they didn't tell me when.