Monday, June 16, 2008

Photos from the Coronado Library exhibition

A pause here to show a few photos from the exhibition at the library. It looks really nice, I think; they gave us a lot of exhibition space. There are 40-some-odd of Seth's pages, plus the color pages that they turned into, and my comments (similar to what I have posted here). Also when I had sketches, we put the sketches next to the page that they were used for.
If anyone is planning to come to Comic Con in July in San Diego, it is not far from the Convention Center downtown to Coronado by car. If you are on foot, take the ferry to Coronado, then it's about a 20 minute walk from the ferry landing to the library. Or e-mail me a day or two ahead of time, at, and I'll come and give you a ride!


Anonymous said...

It looks great, Vicki. I'd love to see the exhibition - can you give me a lift? I don't live THAT far away... ;)

Thanks for sharing once again.

Vicki said...

You know Gareth, I'd love to come give you a ride. You'd have to help row the dinghy though.

j_ay said...

Looks wonderful! I hope the turnout is great.
Sadly, it's a wee-bit too far for me (sniff sniff)

Anonymous said...

Hi, It looks great. I´ll be in San Diego in August,will it be still open?.

Vicki said...

No, they will be taking it down at the end of July. I am sorry. They gave Seth's exhibit two months, which is more than they allow for most of them, but then it will be over.