Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 4 page 15

After the two splash pages, this page has five frames of varied sizes, and in each one something different and hugely dramatic is taking place. All the build-up of energy from the story thus far is leading to the decisive actions in the various panels on this page.
In the top left frame Reed--who throughout the story has been working out what might be the use of everything he has seen, and has finally figured out the weakness of the Beast--reaches for the control of the device that he has determined will subdue the great creature. In the background of that frame is a deafening "RARARARARARA". We know it is a consuming sort of sound because it is taking up so much of the background of that frame. The small upper right frame of Reed's face is like an actor turning to the audience to tell them his concerns.
In the middle two frames, Johnny has dived down to the underground sea to heat it up and begin the eruption that will trigger the activity that will save Everything from the Beast. Will he make it? He dives into the water with a very liquid "SPFOON" and a lovely Art Nouveau sort of whirling of waters. The fish bones floating beside him tell us that the water has become toxic to life (already superheated).
In the bottom frame, the animal that we saw on yesterday's splash page is crashing up into Ben & Reed's room with a mighty "FCROM!" Seth's sounds are as usual all his own, and his creatures are awful but also pretty cute. This one has six toes on its large feet, a bulbous, mushroom-looking sort of nose, those projections on its back that look like thick, soft, rubber bristles, and two babies (which we saw on page 14). In all the drama, Seth has not neglected to show the hardscape, even when it does not add to the action: the stairs leading down on the lower right, and the entrance to the next room.

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