Friday, June 27, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 4 page 18

Seth's notes to his editors say, "So this is the climax. I hope you like it. I think it's pretty funny, and I love the combination of humor and tragedy. Makes it really funny. Again sorry about the molecules." [Zeb Wells, the writer, had a vision where the moloids were seen as molecules, and Seth tried but could not quite carry off that detail given the constraints of space and visual effects. Making the pages work was always a matter of problem solving to Seth.]

Seth made a point of building up anti-sympathy for Mole Man, since he was going to have his most precious possessions taken away here. So though he is something of a tragic figure, we are not especially interested in his pain; he is too unpleasant.

The sound effects here are all very Seth, the sounds of large springs springing: Fling, Floop, Gwap, Flong, Flu (with an oomlaut), etc. And indeed, it is the giant springs that are freeing the moloids from servitude. I love the image of all of them in tuck position, somersaulting to freedom.

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