Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 4 page 17

Seth says of this page:
"Panel 2 is Reed looking into the periscope, but we see his reflection on the glass, and in the periscope we see one giant eye looking at us. This will be clear in color. Make sure Chris (Chuckry, the colorist) knows what this means."

In the background, and shown only in pictures--no text--Ben Grimm is bettling with the monster who came up from underground a couple of pages ago. It seems like a rather benign creature, except that it is so big, and that it has been aroused by people invading its space. The insert at bottom left shows that Ben has triumphed, but the creature's death seems like cause for pity rather than triumph. But it's all beside the point, a yapping dog bothering the firemen while they try to put out the fire: probably entirely a Seth invention.
The main drama calls our attention. The Apocalypse Beast is peering with one of his several eyes into the volcano, and Reed in an inset exactly opposite him, yells, "Fire!!" On the next page it will all break loose.

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