Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flash: Time Flies page 21

The author of this story named one of the starring characters after a friend of his. Even though the character’s name, Steve Kriozere, is highly nonstandard, it was accepted by the editors at DC as part of the story. This page shows Steve with circles representing increasingly greater magnification of some creatures that have been placed inside his suit by a malevolent genius.
The architecture in this story is made of many ornately curving ribs, which Seth shows in nearly every panel, drawn from many different directions and points of view. Many illustrators would have simplified the architecture or just blurred the background to make the pages easier to draw, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Seth had selected this sort of architecture just to give himself the challenge of drawing these architectural ribs from every possible view in proper perspective throughout this comic book.
I apologize for not posting here for a few days. I have been working on an exhibition of Seth's work at our local library, which will begin in June and run through July so that it will be up when comic book fervor is at its height during ComicCon (July 24--27). I have chosen about 50 pages to offer our library director, and am in the process of finishing writing a little about each of the pages, much as I have done here in this blog. Actually doing this blog has been really good practice for the writing I am doing for the library.
Since I have them written, I plan to post here the pages that may be up in the library, along with the descriptions. Might as well get maximum use out of the writing, especially as the library folks will probably put up fewer than half of what I offer them.
The page above with its description is one of the ones that is in the library packet.

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