Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 3 page 6

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With this page we enter the realms of the truly wierd. But this is Seth Fisher the math major designing the temple for the monster of the apocalypse, so it is not wavy lines and vague hints, it is precisely ordered and architecturally exact spaces. A room that has walls straight on two sides and curved on one, but made out of many fingers, eyeballs, teeth, and tissue cells(?). This combination of straight lines, architecture that makes sense, and grotesquely out-of-place human elements is very Seth. He loved to hypothesize what would happen if... His notebooks are filled with ideas for stories with odd juxtapositions, or people taken out of their normal lives and put into strange ones. Marvel is the beneficiary of this penchant of Seth's to look for real things combined in startling ways.

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Rick said...

Welcome back, Vicki! Seth was such an incredible & unique talent. This page is another spectacular example of that.