Friday, May 9, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan: #2 pages 12 & 18, #3 pages 9-10

I have been working on an exhibition of Seth's work that will be up at our local library in Coronado in June and July. To that end, I have been going all through his books, including the notes that were printed in the back of the trade paperback. The notes include quite a few of the e-mails Seth exchanged with his editor Cory Sedlmeier and writer Zeb Wells. Seth explains what he means the reader to find in the artwork (though a good bit of it went over my head).
One of the things that he says in the note for issue 2 page 18 (middle image above), regarding the shapes that Reed is blowing out of the large horn thing, is, "These are the glyphs from the basement of the museum, so we might want to do them in the same color to remind people."
In fact the same glyphs are all over the walls of the underground temple that the Four discover in the Arctic, as you can see in issue 3 pages 9-10 (the lowest image above).
As far out as this story is, none of the images is random. Seth had an explanation and a rationale for everything he put into it.

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